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Grow or launch digital products with luxurious UX and minimize risk 90%

Risk eliminated,
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Startups and innovation contain a lot of risks. I teach founders my exclusive Mev-Rael's Innovation Sprint which is based on science and minimizes the risk by 90% comparing to 10-50% average success rate, and I guarantee business results and ROI.

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Best from Netflix & McKinsey

I bring to you the best methods from the world's top product-led and customer-obsessed companies like Netflix or Amazon and the best consulting firms like McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group.

I've combined them with my own experience and wisdom to craft an exclusive framework.

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Learn about business, personal development, growth hacking, UX, product management from Insights and become a master of your business or your career

Fulfill expectations with Product-Led

Work in squads and eliminate unmatched expectations and miscommunication.

Co-create and pre-sell with your potential and existing customers. Let product sell itself, and people — love your brand.


Process Diagram

Set up autonomous processes

Build organization to succeed and grow on it’s own:

•  Outcome-based and not feature or output based
•  Opportunity Tree and not a linear roadmap
•  Design process and system in Figma
•  Centralize and synthesize UX process in one place
•  Marketing automation
•  Product Manifesto
•  Continuous Discovery and Strategy Document
•  Align teams visually in Miro
•  Facilitate workshops, innovation and design sprints
•  Facilitate mentorship, coaching, leadership development
•  Smooth onboarding

Opportunity Tree Diagram. Set up autonomous processes

Types of Strategy in Innovation

It is critically essential for your business to know what type of strategy are you in. Many think they are in disruptive strategy when they are not.

Most are in sustaining strategy, offering similar value for similar price as many competitors.

Sustaining strategy is most dangerous corner for growth.

Types of Strategy diagram. Sustaining. Differentiated. Dominant. Descrete. Disruptive.

Discover New Opportunities & Prioritize

In traditional marketing and strategy planning approach businesses look into totally irrelevant data like demographics, what people do, asking them what they want.

This information is absolutely not useful and history and data has proven that innovation in that case contains a lot of risk.

However, it is possible to minimize the risk significantly. Innovation is predictable, measurable, clear business process and not a random chaos. It is possible to have 100% clarity and calculate ROI of different hypotheses and opportunities.

Instead use Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) and psychometrics. Seek to understand the job people trying to achieve independently from target customer’s profile, how they make decisions, what do they do before and after using your products, what are their dreams, goals.

Then use statistical analysis to connect qualitative research with quantitative research, surveys and visually plot opportunity score on the importance / satisfaction chart to discover best segments and opportunities to grow your business and outcompete others.

Importance-Satisfaction graph

Finally, Align Strategy
with OKRs, Goals and Metrics Tree

Having clear decision-making, alignment and goals framework like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is critical for 100% alignment across organization where Metric Tree connects North Star Metric at the top with all intermediate metrics down to vanity metrics.

It is important to have a clear metrics tree and to prove causality between nodes.

It is essential to measure Customer Sat and relationship between main business metric and north star as one metric that matters (OMTM) which is one number that you’re completely focused on above anything else at your current stage as an organization.

Diagram of one metric that matters in intersection of main business KPI and North Star

Hire and Train Empowered Product-Led

Noise and confusion surrounding the role of product at tech companies is only getting worse.

The most common are not really product teams at all, they are delivery teams, feature teams, agile teams, scrum teams, etc.

The purpose of a product team is to solve problems in ways our customers love, yet work for our business.

Strategy, marketing, customer success, sales, research, design, engineering, all must be aligned and work as cross-functional squads.

Product Teams vs Feature Teams

Product Teams vs Feature Teams

Drive Customer Satisfaction Up with Product-Led

Many, many products offer similar value and look similar.

Customer Sat (CSAT) is purely qualitative and is hard to measure.

Customer Sat is seen in brand, loyalty, evangelists, communities, word of mouth.

Delighting customers is initial pillar of any strategy and UX directly impacts revenue.

Achieved by building strong differentiation, brand and safe and open for innovation environment where UX and product itself drives sales (Product-Led), which includes modern process, autonomous UX research, world-class empowered diverse product teams, act of service and continuous discovery and design sprints.

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Pirate Funnel Optimization

Intelligent automation, minimizing steps, time it takes to achieve goal, making experience luxurious, obvious, enjoyable, creating new value is paramount

Product-Led Pirate Funnel & UX Optimization

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

I meet a lot of founders who live in a dream world which doesn't exist and want to grow their business without growing themselves first. Comfort and growth are not possible together.

I've been there. You can not change your business without everyday's 1% growth and personal development, changing yourself first and establishing strong system for yourself and your team.

A+ Player
Global Network & Brand
Leader & Speaker


As an open-minded and ambitious ENTJ who was very shy and introverted INTJ being younger, I know your high expectations, love for processes and discipline, and most importantly your requirements for common sense, strong intuition, intelligence and results.

You want someone who can understand and work well with your personality and deliver to your high standards.

UX Research & Ecosystem Design,
But more than that

Generating ideas, creating clickable Figma prototypes is cool, but not enough.

Get market, competitive, pricing, strategy & UX research, 100% clarity and align your strategy and goals top to bottom.

Look into jobs-to-be-done and psychometrics to discover best business opportunities.

Build entire ecosystem rather than one product and dominate industries by allowing customers to achieve more and to be able to build more partnerships in order to build a global competitive edge.

For Entrepreneur,
By Entrepreneur

I was born entrepreneur and started first successful business when I was a kid. I've met many MBAs and McKinsey consultants who can't do basics like sell, build, innovate.

I started my own tech startup and helped many founders to get clarity. I know how it feels to be entrepreneur and a founder.

Entrepreneur on rocket

Craft Product Requirements & Roadmap which will tell a story

Product Requirements Document (PRD), Go-to-market (GTM) plans, Roadmaps, Design briefs, Technical specifications. Many documents, a lot of confusion.

Nobody really reads long, boring documents today. Typical roadmaps do not work and leave you with false expectations.

Remote facilitation,
Faster, Cheaper, More Productive

COVID forced entire world to become remote. You can work more productively and your team be more happier, and you can save a lot of money, by working remotely, however, you need to know how to do it.

It's more than just few Zoom calls and Slack. Organizing entire G Suite, operations, Miro, onboarding, P&L and everything else in a way which will work for each individual, is paramount.

Remote control, remote work, facilitation image

Business is regulated by law,
Don't let law regulate you

Compliance requirements are very serious for bigger companies. Europe is way more than just GDPR. For example, Platform to Business (P2B) regulation enforces online platforms to provide higher transparency and develop internal complaint-handling system similar to the way you could seek justice in a Civil Court.

For violation, fines could be in millions and damage done to your brand.

High Quality Control

The difference between your dreams and a reality is called action.

High-end results and taste of luxury requires high-end QA process.

And only the one with the taste and high standards who sees smallest details, can push the team beyond what is possible today.

I can control your QA in order to build excellence, a mix of timelessness and uttermost modernity

For Creatives
By Creative

Do you value creative brands or work in industries like design, fashion, travel, luxury and gaming?

I used to paint since I was a kid. I even started my first business by selling arts as kid. I know how it is to be a creative, artist, designer, musician, composer, photographer, dancer.

You have high expectations. You can't look at ugly. You need someone who can understand your creative nature and clearly see difference between each micro detail.

Copywriting & Storytelling

Tell a story which converts, this is a real copywriting.

Test your ideas with simple landing pages before even building and launching them.

Grow your business by building a brand, being personal, telling a story which inspires, story.

Analytics & Dashboards

Receive your Metrics Tree. See all metrics that matter in one place in your dashboard.

Make your own data-driven decisions in a visual way.

What if I told you that analytics is more than just visitors, clicks, funnels, conversions?

Can you really understand not only how people are using your product, but also why and what they are trying to achieve?

You can even measure chaos, unknown, hypotheses, ideas, assumptions, business risks. See future and many possibilities in your dashboard and easily make a right high-level decision.

Global high-end network

Deliver even better results by quickly connecting with high-end branding, copywriting, marketing, design, engineering professionals though my network across five continents.

Your network is your net worth.

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

For Nomad,
By Nomad

Do you like traveling and know how to save in taxes and build your wealth?

Exploring new exotic places and finding a place where you are treated best. Spending hours in airports answering questions. Looking for a remote-friendly working space. Losing a luggage. Missing or delayed flights. Sand in your laptop. Whatever it is for you.

Connect with someone who lives your lifestyle and could, perhaps, travel with you sometimes, and tell you many crazy stories.

Or perhaps, due to COVID you want now to be more free, happier and explore the world and learn some tips?

For Investor,
By Investor

Angel Investor, VC or simply private investor who focuses on stocks, real estate or crypto? Learn how to identify strong founders and teams who are more likely to build a global success. Minimize your risks significantly by 90% and maximize ROI.

As a Founder, you are investing your own time and capital. You might have different goals from building a new venture for exit to creating a greater good in the world to making a lot of money in revenue and growing your empire.

Talk to someone who can understand your financial goal.

Building is not enough,
You have to close a deal

I came from poor background from North-Eastern Europe. I was selling since I was a kid, worked on old markets as merchant, was picking berries and mushrooms in forests, started own business as a kid, worked as a freelancer, then founded my own startup, and now became a consultant.

I learned from the best and worked with world's top influencers.

UX, technology is worthless for your business and your investors without sales.

You need someone who understands how to close.

What Founders & CEOs say

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”Mev is a seasoned product leader who is passionate about his work, understands the customer journey and experience and did an amazing job managing a moderate sized team of engineers and designers. The way he's able to create a personal bond and connection with his team shined with the loyalty and respect he had with his team. Not to mention his technical background let him provide great knowledge and guidance for the project. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Mev should jump on it. You won't find a better person for your needs

- Jimmy Kim, CEO & Co-Founder @ Sendlane

Uncover your and your customer's true potential.


Never forget where you came from and never forget why you started. You want to leave a bigger impact in everything you touch. Do you know where you will be in 50 years? I know how you could get there and leave a legacy.


You are not alone. I know how you feel, I know how it is to be where you are today. But I also know where you could be. I am always here.


High-end results with almost no risks guaranteed. If you won't see results, I will give you money back. How does it sound?

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